Radio Fluke

Radio Fluke

Truly formed in the garage like many great things, Radio Fluke is you’re favorite 70s rock band reborn in a modern era. They are based out of Denver, Colorado with over 22,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Known for their song “She Knows She’s Trouble”, the band is comprised of lead singer and guitarist Kingston Lindner, guitarist, Caleb Rockenbach, bassist and vocalist Michael Evans, and drummer and vocalist Blake Petersen.

While Radio Fluke has stayed true to rock n roll traditions, they have continued to define the sound of modern rock, complimented by passionate song writing abilities, versatile musicianship, and a wild stage presence that instantly connects with audiences and listeners alike as they move towards the pinnacle of their musical journey.

Influenced by the likes of The Who, Van Halen, The Strokes, and many more rock legends, this dynamic unit stunningly displays their vibrant and smooth, yet ruckus and witty signature sound on their records and even more so live.

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