Alex McCue

Alex McCue

Alex McCue is an Albuquerque-born vocalist and multi-instrumentalist currently based in Valencia, Spain. McCue uses his ethereal vocals and narrative sensibilities to paint pictures of utopia, apocalypse, and a world in between.

His work is heavily influenced by his daily meditation practice, and is inspired by contemporary greats like Frank Ocean, James Blake, and Bon Iver. His music has also been touched by his time in Mexico and his love of reggae, folk, and soul music.

McCue’s versatility allows him to perform acoustic sets with piano or guitar, indie R&B sets merging instrumental tracks and live instruments, or full-band sets with the talented musicians of The Group Activity.

Throughout his exploration of music, McCue uses his smooth rhythmic sensibilities and wide vocal range to chart a journey inward, on which much is still being discovered…In keeping with the social themes of his music, McCue and uses the power of art to draw attention and fundraising to social and environmental justice causes run by the people they are designed to serve.

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