We’re not about fancy offices or stuffy board meetings. We focus on helping develop artists in a personalized way.

Founded by award-winning producer, journalist, and entrepreneur, Brooklyn (Lisa) Kyser, we began as a production company, and have since transitioned to assisting music artists carve out space for themselves in the industry.

Working in the entertainment and media industries for Fox Sports Net and WFAA Dallas, Lisa was passionate about crafting a project from scratch. She fell deeper in love with music once she opened the Dallas Academy of Music and Performing Arts, and the passion continued once she decided to sell the highly-successful business.

Her entrepreneurial spirit has led to Ten East Ten West Artist Management and Consulting, where she has managed artists and bands for over 15 years, and turned that passion into her full-time career.

At Ten East Ten West, we are dedicated to working with blooming artists and connecting them to international markets. We are so excited to turn your musicianship into a thriving business.

Our Roster

Blackland Records
John David Kent and the Dumb Angels
John David Kent
The Backsliders
Kim Bonner
Chris Bonner
Alex McCartor
Ray Johnston Band
Elise Davis
Adiana de la Vega
Kent X Kent
Jett Jenkins

Joyride Records
Sydney Sherrill
Lisa Linehan
Brett Landin
Brianna Ruelas
David Brown
Paul Overstreet
Nathan Meckle
Happy Erasers
Gordon Kennedy
Peter Frampton
Rodeo & Juliette
Christopher Dwight Harris

Jan Harris
The Grammy Man, John Billings
Charming Gardeners
Marc Solomon
Amy Kurnow
Natalie Cotter
Mike Saunders
Willa Ford
Riley Smith
Mike Saunders
Homespun Remedies

We know what you’re wondering.


When was the last time you felt like a personalized artists, and not just a number?

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