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Authentic consulting and management for artists who think being a rockstar is more than just a dream.
Rock On!

The grass isn’t always greener on the next level, without the right people by your side.

You want to focus on music and music only, but struggle to find a team that connects. You’re an artist with an interest in business, but not a knack for it.

You deserve to be more than a cog in the management machine. A machine that has left you with…

  • No clear steps on how to achieve the level of success you want, so you remain stuck.
  • A struggle to create a concrete plan for the next three to five years.
  • Sending cold emails for venues and gigs, only to be met with an inbox full of gatekeepers.

You have everything in you to be the star you dream of being, but you can’t lift the roadblocks alone.

We give you the tools to build the full package.

Whatever that means to you.

  • The ability to create your music full-time, and appear on the charts.
  • Carefully crafted music you love and that connects genuinely with your supporters.
  • Knowledge about the music industry, so you can better navigate decisions.
  • An amazing social media strategy that moves the needle and gets you in front of the right people.
  • A renewed energy to achieve your music dreams, and feel prepared to begin again.

What’s the bow on your full package? A team that is transparent and wants the absolute best for your future.

We break you out of the mold and into the industry.

Ten East Ten West is the place artists come when they want true, authentic and fearless work. We collaborate with artists nationwide, but have roots in Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA. We offer a comprehensive catalog of services with everything an artist needs.
Are you ready to rock?
Rock On!

We know what you’re wondering.

“Brooklyn is uniquely human and cares deeply about helping her clients realize personal and professional sustainability. She is focused, creatively strategic, and a reliable fighter. Brooklyn is responsible for my most fruitful and longest lasting connections in the music industry. Because of her, I’ve been able to focus all my energy on developing my art with reassurance that the business side of things is growing along with me.”

– Adiana Vega


“Lisa has always been one of my greatest supporters. It is Lisa’s dedication and passion for artists like me that has allowed me to create some of the most important relationships of my career. I am so grateful to Lisa and all that she has done for me.”

– Sydney Sherrill


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